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The Secret Future of Night Vision Tech

Illustration for article titled The Secret Future of Night Vision Tech

Even as an aging tech, night vision is still pretty awesome. But Wired's Noah Shachtman got a rare up-close look at the bleeding edge night vision tech that's in the field and being developed behind closed doors, like über-sensitive digital thermal overlays, maps, mugshots, and footage—all streamed to a single eyepiece. Definitely worth a read. [Wired]


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Still looking for a small, easily concealed and affordable night vision camera which can be incorporated into for instance glasses, shirt buttons or similar things. Why? Because I wish to make a documentary on physical seances performed by "mediums". For you who do not know what this is, it is where the people who happily pay up for the seance is taken into a dark room, where instruments are placed on a table. The "medium" is strapped to a chair (conveniently with an assistant sitting right beside), and stuff is supposed to "mysteriously" move in the room, instruments will be played and fluorescent stuff will be seen.

Safe to say, all the victims are searched before entering, so that they do not bring night vision tech which might be "harmful to the spirits and the medium". Hence, I want a small night vision lens that will not be found during such a procedure. Not high-res or anything, just enough to see the medium or the assistant to what it is they do best. Thermal camera would work too.