The Sega Vision: Sega's New Handheld that Denies Sonic Exists

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The prospect of Sega releasing a portable system is a promising one, given Sega's historically broad library of fun vintage titles. But alas, the Sega Vision doesn't play games.


About the size of a chunky iPod, the Vision is an MP4/MP3 player, radio/TV tuner, voice recorder, eBook reader and camera. OK, not games, but not bad, right? That's until you realize that it's only got 2GB of storage, that TV tuner is analog (soon obsolete) and the camera is a measly 1.3MP.

The Vision was once going to play simple flash games, but Sega didn't want people to think they were trying to compete with Sony and Nintendo. So now it's just an overpriced European PMP (expected to go for $100 or more) and a novelty prize for Sega's UFO catcher arcade machines.

Remember, these are the same guys who once released the Genesis and the Dreamcast. [Sega Nerds via Kotaku]



I suppose this proves my theory that Sega is actually run by a modern day Howard Hughes, trapped in some sort of self-sufficient bunker.

Damn you! I said ANALOG! *tosses tuner at engineers* I don't pay you bumbling welding worms to defy me!

But sir...analog may be dead in just a few months. This won't work for even a year with ana

BALDERDASH! *tosses catheter*