The Shape-Shifting Couch

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Welcome to the future! It's an exciting place. We've got plexiglass chairs, faucets with chipsets, and this innocent-looking couch from designer Matali Crasset. What's so futuristic about a piece of furniture, pray tell?

Illustration for article titled The Shape-Shifting Couch

Well. Tap the touch pad on this thing (not shown in the photo) and it springs to life, unfurling from its stony, clam-like state. Each cushion can stretch out individually like a tentacle, forming any configuration you dream up of. Two-seater couch? Sure. Larger bed? You got it. Lounge for impressing that lady friend you have over? Just name it. [Campeggi via FastCoDesign]

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Buckaroo Banzai

This must be Davey Alba's first post, pretty sure I haven't seen anything by her before. Welcome to the monkey house Davey!