The Sims 3 Is Your Why-Are-My-People-Crying Deal of the Day

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Although The Sims 3 came out in 2009, folks are still buying it today. It's partly because new graphics and downloadable content continues to come out for the popular people-growing game. Some of the new DLC is awesome — outfits from the 70s and 80s, or seasons, or vampires — and it certainly adds a little flavor to dicking around with imaginary people in your simulated universe.


Steam's selling the base game for $7.50 (along with a bunch of discounted DLC) and Amazon has price matched (as it is wont to do.) The main difference is that Steam's version activates on Steam (duh) and Amazon's uses Origin DRM. Amazon's version works on Mac (note: the Mac version is still $20) but the Steam version doesn't. If you haven't tried this game out, don't miss this opportunity. It's the kind of game that should be on every computer. [Steam | Amazon]

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Attention all 22 year olds who just got jobs at websites: you're going to have to do federal taxes soon. Filing them online is obviously the modern way to do it. TurboTax does it for you, comes with free E-File (creative name, IRS) and it's legitimately $40 off today, bringing it down to $30. [Amazon]


Update: Commenter David1979 points out if you want to file state taxes as well, it's worth paying $10 more for this version. [Amazon]


A year of Dreamhost webhosting for $20. [Lifehacker]


Beats by Dre Pro Headphones ($240) | | Originally $400 and still $400 pretty much everywhere else.
TurboTax + E-File ($30) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $70



32GB Silicon Power Blaze Flash Drive ($18) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $25
8GB Sandisk Sansa Fuse ($25) | Ebay via Dealzon | Originally $40
Motorola H17txt Bluetooth Headset ($40) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $60



Stainless Steel Salt and Pepper Mill ($10) | Meritline via Dealnews | Originally $20
3 Shun Knives ($288) | Woot via Amazon via Amazon | Originally $475



For a very brief moment, 27" 2011 iMacs hit the Apple refurb store, but they were all gone in under an hour. We're watching, and if they come back we'll let you know.



Fake Beats Solo ($14) | eXpansys via 9to5Toys | Originally $Check down in Chinatown
Klipsch S4i ($30) | All4Cellular via Brand Name Coupons | Originally $50
Klipsch Image One On-Ear Earphones ($50) | Woot via Brand Name Coupons | Originally $90
Beats by Dre Solo ($140) | eXpansys via Dealnews | Originally $180



McDroid ($3.75) | Desura via Reddit | Originally $15
Defender's Quest ($6) | GOG via Reddit | Originally $20 | Tower defense game
Finally Fantaxy XII: Revenant Wings ($16.61) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $30
Max Payne 3 for Xbox and PS3 ($24) | Amazon via Brand Name Coupons | Originally $50
Prototype 2 for Xbox ($32) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $50
46" Samsung 3D HDTV with Blu-ray Player ($844) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $1100
Eurpoean PSN Final Fantasy Sale | Playstation Store via Reddit | Includes VII, VI, Tactics: War of Lions, hell, all the good ones pre-IX
Indie Gala | Indie Gala via Reddit


Physical Media

The Waterboy ($8) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $15
Spartacus on Blu-ray ($8) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $15
Blazing Saddles + Caddyshack + National Lampoon's European Vacation ($10) | Amazon via Brand Name Coupons | Originally $30



Under Armour Cold Gear Fleece Gloves ($20) | Nordstrom via Ben's Bargains | Originally $30
North Face Fleece ($70) | Dick's via Techbargains | Originally $200
Red Wing Sale | Haberdash via Reddit


Dumb TV → Smart TV



Samsung Series 9 with 900p Screen and 128GB SSD ($700) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $900 | Price-matched Newegg yesterday, DotD from a few weeks ago



Get lost.


Unless you like tablets that are older yet more expensive than the Nexus 7 or 10, there's nothing to see here.



32" LG 720p LCD HDTV ($200) | Fry's via Ben's Bargains | Originally $270
39" Coby 1080p TV ($270) | Amazon via Dealnews | Originally $400
42" Panasonic 1080p HDTV ($450) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $600
47" Vizio Razor LED 3D TV ($648) | Sam's Club via Dealnews | Originally $800
55" LG LED TV ($700) | Tiger Direct via Brand Name Coupons | Originally $1000
70" Sharp Aquos LED HDTV ($1700) | Best Buy via Dealzon | Originally $2000




Bare Drives

2TB Red WD Bare Drive ($100) | Newegg via Dealnews | Originally $130 | Use coupon code WD20EFRX




Percepto ($0) | iTunes via Appshopper | Originally $2
The Curse ($1) | iTunes via Appshopper | Originally $3
Epic Win ($1) | iTunes via Appshopper | Originally $3
Peterson Birds of North America ($2) | iTunes via Appshopper | Originally $5



Matchblocks ($0) | Amazon Appstore via Apps-aholic | Originally $1



Graceland MP3 Album ($3) | Amazon | Originally $10
Amazon Album Sale ($3) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $10 | Actually a bunch of music you want



Free DnD eBooks ($0) | D&D Classics via Reddit | Originally $20 | Digital copies
Free Breath Right Nasal Strips, Part I ($0) | Costco via Reddit | Originally $1
Free Breath Right Nasal Strips, Part II ($0) | Breathe Right via Reddit | Originally $1
Boilsoft Screen Recorder ($0) | Bits Du Jour via Reddit | Originally $25


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LOL @ Fake Beats Solo...they have fallen now to $9.99

Probably sound every bit as decent as the real thing too...silly fashion-head-phones.