Few people seem to remember, but the Gobots were actually the first transforming robot toys to hit North America. Hasbro’s Transformers eventually dominated the market once they arrived, but many of us still would rather have an F-15 fighter jet leading the good side, than a boring truck.

The folks at 52toys got some updated shots of Action Toys’ Gobots revival, featuring larger and far more detailed versions of some of the line’s more popular characters like Leader-1 and Cy-Kill.

Despite steep price tags, the re-released and upgraded Masterpiece versions of popular Transformers toys were readily snatched up by nostalgic collectors. So it’s about time for the Gobots to enjoy a renaissance too, and Action Toys is giving us as good a reason as any to make room for them next to your Transformers when these are all available come February. [Toyark]

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