The Space Invaders Carpet

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It was just a few months ago that we reported on the existence of Space Invaders wall stickers and judging by the overwhelming response, it appears that the public can't get enough of those evil, Earth-coveting space aliens. Carpet Invaders, created by Poland's Janek Simon, incorporates everyone's favorite Space-based invaders into a nice, Persian rug. Perfect for parties, as indicated by the pictures of youthful 20-somethings on the project's home page, or for keeping you company while you sit alone in your room, the carpet is "powered" by a PS2 that projects the game onto the carpet via an overhead projector.


Be warned, however, that the project's home page is full of half-crafted metaphors, explaining how the game is somehow a representation of our own lives or some other beatnik nonsense. Thankfully, it doesn't detract from the project's allure.

Janek Simon and his Carpet Invaders [Dis Location via Kotaku]