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The Stranger Things Kids Wrapping Christmas Gifts Are All of Us Wrapping Christmas Gifts, Honestly

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you’re like me and still have a weekend ahead of you trying to furiously wrap family gifts up as quickly and as neatly as you can without growing an extra pair of arms (or six), this Stranger Things video is probably going to be more stressful than it is adorable.

We might still have to wait a while to get a little more Stranger Things in our lives, but to celebrate the holidays, Netflix has released a video of the cast wrapping—or at least attempting to wrap—a set of gifts for some fans of the show. Which is very earnest and adorable, until you realize there’s a reason that you don’t let kids run free with scissors, tape, and seemingly endless quantities of ribbon and glitter: They tend to focus on getting messy rather than, you know, what they’re meant to be doing.

They’re all so impossibly charming, you end up ignoring the latent stress-induction of oh god they’re running around making a mess, kids, we’ve got gifts to wrap up, aaaaaaah!


Look, I’m gonna go look at to-do lists and have a minor existential watch the Stranger Things crew have some holiday fun. Like Millie Bobbie Brown responding to the question of who’s the best wrapper with “I’m into Cardi B.” Oh, those wily Stranger Kids.

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