If you come across a globe these days, chances are it was probably found at a flea market or antique store. But there is one studio in London that continues the tradition of building spherical maps of the world. And here's a look at how it all goes down.

Before you write this off as hipster nonsense, consider that Bellerby and Co. Globemakers have created globes for such clients as Martin Scorsese—for use in the film Hugo—and exhibited their creations with the Royal Geographical Society. This is no pet project.

The studio's proprietor, Peter Bellerby, describes the design challenges that go into working with spherical objects in the video. He explains that it took him over a year to perfect the method of placing strips of precisely shaped paper onto the globe's surface.


It's rather amazing to see what goes into the making of an object that is almost obsolete in its original purpose, but still maintains a strong hold on people's collective memory of learning and exploration. [Vimeo via Vultured]