The Super Rideable Rubber Band Robot Automaton

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This refreshingly mechanical hand-made robot automaton can be hand-cranked to close its fists, drop its chest plate and unleash a hellfire of rubber bands onto its victims.

As exciting as all this devastation may sound, the video clip is ultimately more amusing than frightening, as a man cranks cranks cranks cranks cranks and the automaton moves forward a tiny bit. Then the man cranks cranks cranks some more and the automaton very slowly reveals its arsenal of wooden Gatling guns.

Sadly, flash compression has spoiled any hope of appreciating the slow-mo rubber band bullet porn as you can’t make out the slim bands in the pixel murk. So instead, you’ll have to fill in the “pew pew pews” mentally—in other words, it’s business as usual. [The Automota via MAKE]