The T3 Makes a Guy Wearing a Bike Helmet on a Scooter Scary as Hell

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For the most part, I wouldn't consider a police officer or military personnel riding down the road on a scooter as intimidating. However, if that scooter happens to be Lamperd Less Lethal's new T3 Mobile Defender, there is definitely something to be worried about. The vehicle comes equipped with a powerful air gun that is considered non-lethal in a body shot, but could potentially kill someone if they were to take a synthetic bullet to the head. That is why the gun utilizes a holographic sight system to ensure accuracy.


"An eyepiece shows a red target dot, and then transmits an image of the target to a monitor, which relays the information to the gun." According to creator Barry Lamperd, if the holographic sight is on target, you can't miss. Let's hope so-because the company plans to sell the scooter to the US Army to use in crowd control situations (presumably in Iraq), and it will probably make its way down to local law enforcement somewhere down the line. [Lamperd Less Lethal via Sarnia Observer via Danger Room]


Mr. Wilson, Reluctant Pumpkin King Incarnate

(staring at front wheel- which reminds me of one of the front wheels of my current movie-car obsession, also amused it's also a military prototype) Does it come in black?