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The Team Behind Pacific Rim Is Making a Scifi Serial Killer Show for Amazon

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Pacific Rim writer Travis Beacham and director Guillermo del Toro are teaming up once again to create a brand new world. That world is called Carnival Row, and it just got picked up to pilot by Amazon.

According to Deadline, Carnival Row “is set in the future in a city called the Burgue, which looks a lot like 18th Century London. It is inhabited by humans and other creatures, and a serial killer is on the loose.” The show is based on a spec script Beacham sold to Hollywood 11 years ago called A Killing on Carnival Row. Rene Echeverria (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) will act as showrunner with Beacham and del Toro, among others, acting as producers.


Beacham took to Twitter to celebrate the fact his property is finally getting made after over a decade of development hell.