The top 10 coolest scenes from The Matrix trilogy

The Matrix was one of the best sci-fi action movies of all time and the rest of the trilogy had some of the most outrageously awesome action sequences ever, even if the movies themselves didn't reach the levels of the original. Basically, The Matrix trilogy is responsible for a lot of awesome moments in film history. Here is a top 10 list from WatchMojo.

  1. Neo bullet time scene
  2. When Neo becomes The One
  3. The lobby shootout scene
  4. The freeway chase scene in The Matrix Reloaded
  5. Subway fight in The Matrix
  6. Neo training scene
  7. The final showdown between Neo and Agent Smith
  8. Neo meeting the Oracle
  9. The Battle for Zion in The Matrix Revolutions
  10. Opening scene from The Matrix

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That opening sequence, when the cops have Trinity at gunpoint, and she puts down the phone, leaps in the air, and you get the first pivot slo-mo. I saw the movie in the theater the weekend it came out, and nobody had done anything like that before. You could hear jaws hitting the floor across the theater, followed by a collective "holy shit!"