The Truth Behind HD Disc Extras

We're slowly wrapping our heads around Blu-ray vs. HD DVD and one thing we really want to see are all these exciting extras they're promising. Thus far we've seen a few BR and HD DVD titles and have been interwhelmed. However, Bryan Singer is offering up his vision for the Superman Returns release which will enable you to switch over to the "making-of" footage while watching the movie—what, like all those "angle" features they used to promise us in PR()N?

Again, the few titles we've seen so far are pretty weak in terms of goodies, but the interface is quite cool. The BR player we played with the other day had little menu overlays that popped up on the screen while watching the movie. Impressive, sure, but not something to re-buy the entire Star Wars trilogy for.

Singer was man of steel in making 'Superman' [Hollywood Reporter via MovieWeb via HDBeat via DMT]


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