The TSA Found Human Skull Fragments Inside a Clay Pot

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This is unsettling. The TSA found something wonkier and more gruesome than your usual box cutter or vibrator or even loaded gun this week: they found an actual human skull. Yeah. At Fort Lauderdale Airport, TSA screeners discovered that the remains of a human skull and its teeth were hidden inside clay pots. The skull was mixed in with the dirt.


The clay pot belonged to two women who were headed to Baltimore from Miami but had actually been in Cuba two days before discovering they were carrying a human skull in their luggage. The clay pots, which were recently purchased in Cuba, were meant to ward off evil spirits. More like carry evil spirits, amirite.

The police don't suspect that the women were involved in any sort of human skull trafficking and/or murder but the skulls have been sent over to be examined and the Department of Homeland Security is now taking care of the mystery skull case. I guess the moral of the story is to double check what you buy because you never know when or where you'll find a skull. [TSA, CBS Local]

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There are lots of places online where you can buy real human skulls, and they're completely legal. I use a human vertebrae as a paperweight at work and gave my father in law a set of matched patella after he had knee replacement surgery.