The Ultimate La-Z-Boy

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You can have your plush periwinkle recliner with optional Big Gulp holder. I'm sticking with the Galatea Spa chair by designer Verenice Macedo.


Why? I'm no longer a sucker for scattering what's obviously beach furniture around my dwelling—a contextual lie that, when coupled with enough rum punch, Jimmy Buffet albums and surfing clips on vimeo, almost convinces a Midwesterner that their life, while devoid of meaning, is fundamentally one of relaxation and leisure. (Teachings of my early adult years have proven that the rum punch alone can handle that—no need to redecorate for the illusion to take effect.)

The reasons I like this chair are quite simple: it looks comfortable, it massages you and, most importantly, it's fitted with some badass 180-degree screen that looks multi-tasking friendly (and far more ergonomic than any tablet or laptop).

Now if only the chair were any more attainable than the life of rest and relaxation. Like parking your prop plane on a sandbar for lunch, the Galatea Spa chair is little more than a fantasy. [Coroflot via BornRich via DVICE]


My back hurts just looking at it. Now that I think about it, so do my eyes, because its ugly in addition to being non functional, and the screen will be obsolete long before your chiropractor fixes the damage to your spine. I have to pass on this one.