Spectacular new photo of a very special star

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The Universe is a truly incredible place. This spectacular new photo by the Hubble space telescope—showing a young star known as V1331 Cyg, 1,800 light years away from Earth—is proof #251,603,995,874. It's a special star.

What makes V1331Cyg special is the fact that we look almost exactly at one of its poles. Usually, the view of a young star is obscured by the dust from the circumstellar disc and the envelope that surround it. However, with V1331Cyg we are actually looking in the exact direction of a jet driven by the star that is clearing the dust and giving us this magnificent view.

This view provides an almost undisturbed view of the star and its immediate surroundings allowing astronomers to study it in greater detail and look for features that might suggest the formation of a very low-mass object in the outer circumstellar disc.


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IMO, the Sun is the most special star ever, sorry V1331 Cyg