The Very Last Roll of Kodachrome Film Ever Made Was Used to Capture NYC

The very last roll of kodachrome film produced by Eastman Kodak was processed recently. It was used by freelance photographer Steve McCurry to take photos of New York City. Steve specifically requested to be the person to use this final roll as he has used the product throughout the years;

Kodak announced last year that it would retire Kodachrome, a brand name of color reversal film it had manufactured since 1935. McCurry, well-known for his 1984 photograph of Sharbat Gula, or the "Afghan Girl," published on the cover of National Geographic magazine, requested from Kodak to shoot the last roll of 36 frames it manufactured.


All 36 of the shots taken by Steve will be sent to "the Eastman House in Rochester, New York, where Kodak is based, and live there." [Wichita Eagle]


Wow...End of an era. I'd be interested to see those pics that were taken; unfortunately, New York is on the opposite coast from me so it makes travel a little hard. :(

Maybe they'll post the pics on the internet somewhere so that we can see them...