The Viewtron Was AT&T's 1983 Solution For 'Information Overload'

Information overload is not what it used to be. In 1983, magazines, television, and radio were apparently enough to make people lose their bearings. Well it's a good thing AT&T was there with a cure—The Viewtron!


The Viewtron connected to your TV and phone line to serve you on-demand news, weather, sports, and shopping. As cumbersome as it all looks, does it not resemble our current methods of info-consumption rather closely? The Viewtron failed to attract consumers, however, and was abandoned in 1986. [YouTube / AT&T Tech Channel via Laughing Squid]



The company that developed it was called Knight Ridder, unfortunately not named after the 80's TV show but from merger of Knight Newspapers and Ridder Publications.