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Walking Dead Stars Explain Why "The Fear Is Back" in Season 4

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A bunch of veteran actors join new shows, including Anthony Stewart Head in Dominion and Adrian Pasdar in Chris Carter's The After. Ron Moore starts shooting his Outlander TV show. Plus, there are photos of Josh Hartnett on set for Penny Dreadful and the cast of The Walking Dead previews the new season. Spoilers ahead!

Star Wars

Add this name to the pile of actors who may have auditioned: Ben Kingsley. If he did audition, the speculation is that it's for a previously released casting call for a "Seventy-something male, with strong opinions and tough demeanour. Also doesn’t need to be particularly fit.” [Slashfilm]


The Maze Runner

Author James Dashner told us he was happy with the footage he saw from this film — but you won't be seeing it any time soon. Its release date has been pushed back from February to September 19, 2014. Director Wes Ball responded:

These things aren't my choice, but I 100% agree with fox's decision. Just imagine the cool stuff we can do with a little extra time. I'll do my best to get you guys some cool stuff to see in the mean time.


[First Showing]


The Starz show based on the novels by Diana Gabaldon has officially begun production, with Ronald D. Moore tweeting "Day One and the battle is joined. We fight to do justice to the material & the fans. We'll return w/ our targes or on them." He also tweeted a photo and Starz released a different one, with Ron Moore and a sword. [Spoiler TV]


Gods of Egypt

Brenton Thwaites has joined the cast, which follows a thief on a mystical journey. [Coming Soon]


The Walking Dead

Norman Reedus says that this season has all the old fear again:

I think the internal fear has always been something hanging in the wind, and who’s gonna f— over who and who can you trust? So now having that fear back inside the camp is just as scary as season 1. I like people scared on the show. If everyone’s tough, it seems more manageable. I like the fear in season 1, and I think the fear is back in season 4, which is awesome to see people afraid again. That’s really the dynamic that we’re playing with this whole season so far.


[Entertainment Weekly]

And Steven Yuen tells TV Line what to expect this season from Glenn:

The only thing I guess I can really say is that the title of the first episode is very appropriate. This world is so savage and brutal that you don’t know what’s going to happen the next day, [so you need] to hold onto what you have every day and cherish it.

Does Glenn endure anything as horrible as what he went through in Season 3?

Glenn eats s–t all the time. [Laughs] So you’ll see him eating s–t.

Is capturing/finding the Governor on Glenn’s radar?

Glenn definitely does not look upon the governor with kind eyes. I don’t think he’s overcome that. He has really taken some lessons from Hershel that vengeance is vengeance, but [you need] to be there for the people that you love.


[TV Line]

Here's the Zombie Apocalypse Week Promo:

The After

Chris Carter's apocalyptic series for Amazon has just started casting its pilot. Already cast are Adrian Pasdar (Heroes), Aldis Hodge (Leverage), and Jamie Kennedy. They will play a Beverly Hills businessman, an escaped convict maintaining his innocence, and a professional clown, respectively. [Deadline]



Also in pilot casting news, Syfy's TV spinoff of the movie Legion has announced four new castmembers:

Anthony Stewart Head plays “David Weel,” the power hungry president of the Senate of Vega (formerly Las Vegas) who is frequently at odds with General Rysen, the city’s military leader. David is willing to do whatever he believes is right to protect the city and his position leading it.

Roxanne McKee plays “Claire Rysen,” the closest thing that Vega has to a princess. As the daughter of General Rysen – the man who led humans to victory against the angels during the Extermination War – she is a member of the highest class in Vega’s stratified society. Claire is also strong-willed and much tougher than she seems.

Luke Allen-Gale plays “William Weel,” the scion of Vega’s other powerful ruling family. Unlike his cunning politician father David, William is a man of the people and Head of the Church of the Savior.

Shivani Ghai plays “Arika,” a lead diplomat sent from Helena, a mysterious and militant matriarchal society in what was once Salt Lake City, which maintains a tenuous peace with Vega.



The Vampire Diaries

Here are some promo photos for episode 5.04, "For Whom the Bell Tolls." [Wet Paint]


Penny Dreadful

There are some revealing set photos of Showtime's Penny Dreadful, a show which takes place in a Victorian London inhabited by Dr. Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, and Dracula characters. It stars Josh Hartnett, who is in costume below. Go here for some more photos, and check out way more at the link. [Coming Soon]


Once Upon a Time

Star Jennifer Morrison spoke to K-Site TV about the possible relationship between Emma and Hook:

He is trying really hard. It takes her a while, surprisingly, to notice that he is trying really hard. The audience is in on it more than Emma, because the audience gets those lovely close-ups with the little glints in his eye, and extra looks that she doesn't know! Actually, when we were live tweeting during the premiere episode, I said something like 'oh! Hook looks really relieved I didn't die!' I didn't know that happened! I was busy not dying! So I had no idea that he had that moment! So, the audience is a little more in on that than Emma is, initially.


More at the link. [K Site TV]

Here's a promo for this Sunday's episode, featuring the amazing line "Come and get me, Tinkerbell":

Here's the synopsis for that episode, called "Quite a Common Fairy":

In their continuing quest to find Peter Pan's hideout and save Henry, Hook suggests tracking down Tinker Bell, in the hope that she will lead them straight to his camp. Pan reveals to Henry why he has brought him to Neverland and in the Enchanted Forest, Neal has a plan that could transport him to Emma, but it would involve using one of Robin Hood's most precious possessions. Meanwhile, in the Fairy Tale Land that was, Tinker Bell offers to help Regina improve her life.


[Spoiler TV]

And go here for promo photos for the same episode. [Spoiler TV]


Beauty and the Beast

Here's a video interview with Kristen Kreuk, previewing the challenges for her character and Vincent this season. [Buddy TV]


Here are some new cast photos for season 5. [Spoiler TV]



Here's a season two trailer:

Sleepy Hollow

Go here for a complete set of promo photos for episode 5, "John Doe." [Spoiler TV]


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