Car Crash Victim s Arm Found, Cellphone Intact
"Wouldn t it have been fucked up if the guy asked her for her number, then called the cell phone to find the arm?"

Bad Samaritan Keeps Camera
"What the hell? The next time they leave their car in the car park someone should take it and send them the air freshener back."


Apple s Free Olympic Publicity
"The snowboarders will be all set as soon as Apple makes a roach clip on a lanyard."

Bubo, The Hax0ring Owl
"That looks like it would scare a three-year old coming downstairs at night for a glass of water. It kinda creeps me out now."


Tuning Fork: A La Carte Cable
"keep your politics out of a gadget blog."


"Why? Cuz your head will explode if you're forced to read a few words that just might not meet up exactly with your own world view? Have you found that on average you can sanitize your consumption of the planet in such a way so that you don't ever have to encounter something that you don't like?

It's a rich and beautiful universe. I recommend you bathe in it daily."

Samsung Introduces the New Flatscreen 8 Schwing
"I guess it's true that asians don t shave down there...EVER!"


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