The Wii Is Gorgeous in High Definition

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Super Mario Galaxy has incredible art design, but in standard def, the game can just be so visually disappointing compared to its potential hinted at onscreen. So what would it look like in 720P HD? Like this.


Pumped through a Wii PC emulator, these images are just upscaled versions of the SMG's existing graphics—in other words, you're not even seeing what advanced hardware/graphics engines can do with additional texture or lighting. But with a boost in sharpness alone (more pixels), the Wii looks simply splendid in HD. Edges are smooth and objects are crisp, which is really all you need with Nintendo's trademark artistic style. Yeah, I hope that analysts predicting a Wii HD aren't totally full of it.

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See lots more shots in their native rez at: [NeoGAF via Kotaku]



I always hear "Who cares about HD, the Wii is about having fun." Maybe that is where Nintendo wanted to go with it, but now that the amount of people actually having fun with that attempt at a console, people are now trying to take a look at the Wii's 6 year old graphics as a selling point.

I own a Wii. It was played last November. Even my friends who come over for parties don't want to play the "party console" anymore, they want to play one of the fun ones.

I'm sorry Nintendo, but you broke my heart first. <!—3