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The Wii is MORE Expensive This Year Than Last

Illustration for article titled The Wii is MORE Expensive This Year Than Last

I4U points out that when acquiring some Wiis from wholesalers, they were surprised to find that the price had increased from last year. While the Wii retails for $250, in 2006 they had to settle for a $476.11 pricetag for just the Wii system. This year, that number has inflated to $538.80...or become $60 more expensive. We can't believe it either.


Obviously our first reaction, sorry I4U, is never buy a Wii from their store (and for other absurd prices, just check out Amazon's third party seller options). Direct from your favorite chain retailer still seems like the best bet to score a Wii, because while they are in short supply, at least you can buy one for $250 (what the Wii should cost).

And hopefully consumers won't give in this Christmas and spend too much on the console...again. A wholesaler moving a Wii for over double retail is nothing more than a scalper. It's hard to believe that modern technology distribution models would support such deplorable behavior that benefits so few.


I don't pretend to know the ins and outs of the wholesale world, but I think it's time for Nintendo to take names and be more choosy to whom they sell their consoles. And maybe resellers who are complaining about ridiculous wholesalers shouldn't be supporting them either. [i4u]

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on ebay they sell for about 450 dollars. i snagged a used one with 2 controllers and 6 games (in addition to the wii sports) for a total of 12 games for 365. but i got lucky the seller spelled it "Nitedo Wii" so im guessing not too many people came across it.

you might want to check out [] this page will refresh every 5 seconds telling you what wii's are in stock, and where. most of them are "bundled packs" 600 bucks buys you the console with 6 games you have to select from a list.

hope that helps some of you.

oh and btw, try to do what i did when buying on ebay. search for "NITEDO WII" and "NINTEDO WII" and "NITENDO WII". a lot of these sellers are old farts that were in line on black friday, and they're flippin the wii to make money to buy presents for their familys. They dont even know what a nintendo wii is, therefore they often misspell it. You can save hundreds with their stupidity.