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The Wii Pole Dancing Game is Really Coming

Illustration for article titled The Wii Pole Dancing Game is Really Coming

At first we thought this Wii Pole Dancing game was a joke—how could something so sexy come to such a "family-friendly" and casual console like the Wii? Turns out it's not a joke. The company's representative, Simon Kay, didn't comment on how far the development of the pole peripheral was, but did say that they're going to try and encourage both women and men to pole dance for "fun and fitness." Even though the kit's called the "Electra-pole," it seems Carmen Electra most likely isn't going to be involved. That's too bad, since there's obviously no other place to see Carmen gyrate half-naked. Obviously. [Multiplayer MTV]

Be prepared to see a lot of this in your living room.


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So, does player 2 get to decide the amount of dollars, er, I mean "points" that player 1 gets?