The Winner of the Powermat Holiday Horror Contest Is All Charged Up and Ready to Go

Thanks to all who entered and voted in our Powermat Holiday Horror Contest. You have spoken, and a winner has been crowned, a winner whose devices will now never be without power again! Although nothing is guaranteed in the face of...snowmageddon.


Congratulations to Calin O., who will receive a full Powermat wireless charging system. Read the winning story below!

Entry 1: Calin O.:

This was last Christmas, and it was also the last Christmas break I was ever going to have since I was graduating in the spring. I went to visit my then fiance's family in rural West Virginia for a week of it. They have a nice cozy house with all the the amenities I would need for an enjoyable visit; 46" flatscreen, HD satellite, high speed wireless internet, and the best cooking in three counties (thanks to my now mother-in-law). That's before snowmageddon 2009 hit.

This particular area of West Virginia, thanks to the lovely Alleghenies, gets about 50% more snow than all of the surrounding areas. Which is usually all fine and well except when all the surrounding areas get 2 feet of snow. Which if you did your math correct is equal to about waist deep snow for my in-laws house. Awesome right? It was for about the first 2 hours. Then we realized that it was impossible to get anywhere via car, and just walking to a neighbors house took a freakin olympian to accomplish. Which was just an inconvenience until the power went off. Now,no transportation, no power, no cooking, and no water (they have well water), but thank God they had gas heat.

So, with no water you cant shower, you cant brush your teeth (accept with bottled water), and you cant flush the toilet. Well we had 5 people to begin with, then had to go rescue their grandmother since she didnt have any heat. Which raises the household to 6.

To get the toilet to flush, we had to walk down the hill, and break through the ice on their pond to fill up 5 gallon buckets, and haul them back up to pour in the toilet. we heated water on the furnace to wipe our orfaces, and also used it to heat left over pizza for a couple days.

what made it worse? hearing all the neighbors running their generators all day and night, and seeing their tvs flickering in the distance. also, the fact that i was the only one who didnt have tall boots for navagating the deep snow, and a headlight for getting from A to B in the house anytime after 5 pm. The final slap in the face for the week came once the power was back on (about 4 days later); we exchanged presents for Christmas, and what did i get? tall boots and a headlamp, both just under my nose all week after fighting with stubbed toes and wet socks the entire time. Not to mention that we ran out of bottled water in like 2 days, and someone "forgot" they had an extra case in their car trunk the entire time.

all in all.. not a good time.

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