The world's first anti-android marriage activist speaks out at a Maryland debate

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As politicians in Maryland ponder the question of gay marriage, a group of activists from Protect Marriage Maryland try to persuade them that gay love will inevitably lead to the worst possible outcome. That's right: Marriage between humans and artificial intelligence. Listen to the evidence!

At a meeting with politicians about gay marriage, this Star Trek fan explains how if we "set the precedent" of marriage between any two people who love each other, it could open the door for people to marry androids like Data. The guy has obviously thought a lot about this, since he knows about Data's whole "gaining emotions" plot arc.


What's great about this guy is that he's like a Protect Marriage activist from the future, come to warn us about the growing human-robot love problem. And I think he's right. Gay marriage leads to robot marriage - which is exactly what I'm hoping for. Bender would understand.

Watch this futuristic activist's whole speech via Buzzfeed