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The World's Largest Version of Minesweeper Has You Trying To Clear Over 38,000 Mines

An Atlanta-based company called CineMassive who builds giant multiscreen video walls has created what is easily the world’s largest version of Minesweeper. On its hardest setting players will have to clear 38,799 mines without blowing the whole thing up and having to start over from scratch.


The game is played on 24 high-definition screens that are linked to work together as a single display with a resolution of 11,520 x 4,320 pixels. To call this version of the game frustrating is an understatement, since no one on the team who created it has even come close to finding all the mines on its expert setting.

However, if you consider yourself a Minesweeper-savant, CineMassive is actually accepting applications on its site and will choose ten players to try their hand at the game remotely. As for the rest of us, we’re happy to wait until there’s a gigantic version of Solitaire played with 38,000 decks. [CineMassive via Gizmag]


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I’m a wiz at minesweeper I can play for days, once you see my sweet moves your gonna stay amazed, finers moving so fast I’ll set the place ablaze.