The World's Largest Wood Stockpile Is Absolutely Insane

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On January 8, 2005, a huge cyclone as strong as a Category 1 hurricane hit Sweden and Denmark. Its name was Gudrun and it blew at sustained speeds of 78.3mph (126km/h) with wind gusts of 102.5mph (165km/h). It killed 22 people and struck down 75 million cubic meters of trees.


How much is 75 million cubic meters of trees? I have no idea but, to give you an idea, you are looking at only one million cubic meter in this image. This is Byholma, the storage area created by the Swedish government to process all this mess. Back in 2005 it became the world's largest timber storage and it's still working today. Imagine 75 of these put together. It's a staggering.

Here are some videos so you can see how huge this whole operation is:

[Thanks Karl!]

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It was not mentioned what kind of trees or woods that are stockpiled. Anyways. those huge inventory of wood could be great source of furniture.