The World's Most Functional Lightswitch

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Having a spot to hang one's keys when walking through the front door is great for the absent-minded people of the world, like myself. Even better is when it's built into the front plate of a light switch.

Wallplates, as they're called, are one of the latest projects to pop up on Kickstarter, and its creators hope to sell them for anywhere between $15 and $25. The more expensive model has a slot for mail to sit in, but that just seems like another trap for junkmail to find a home in (though it might be nice for outgoing mail, like Netflix DVDs).

The creator of Wallplates is seeking $35,000 in funding by July 20 to get this product into the hands of the people. If you like it, pledge a few bucks. And if you pledge $15 or $25, it will ensure you receive one of the Hook or Envelope plates. [Kickstarter]