The World's Most Terrifying Weapons

If you have ever lost sleep thinking about what military labs the world over are cooking up to shoot up, blow up, or otherwise maim their enemies (and sometimes innocent civilians), you may want to skip the list of the world's "spookiest" weapons collected by Pop Sci. Many of the 20 we are already familiar with, like nuclear weapons, the cornershot, Metal Storm guns, "Scream" beams, Rail Guns and the infamous Puke Flashlight. However, there are other technologies on the list that you may not be familiar with.


Some of the most interesting of these include "The Rods from God"—a satellite system that uses sophisticated targeting mechanisms and gravity to drop large metals rods to the earth (at speeds approaching 36,000 feet per second) and the MK-ULTRA mind control experiments conducted from the 1950's through much of the 70's. All in all a decent list, but I would like to humbly submit the compressed air knife and the potential behind a one-petawatt laser. For the full list, hit the following link. [PopSci Thanks Anthony!]

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