The Xbox 360 Just Got Streaming Music, Nike+ Fitness, NBA, ESPN and More

Microsoft is continuing to bolster the Xbox 360 and turn it into something more than a video game console and make it the best box for your living room. At E3, Microsoft just announced Xbox Music, streaming music with over 30 million songs, NBA League Pass, NHL, WatchESPN and even Nike+ Kinect Training.


NBA (2400 live games and highlights) and NHL (40 games/week) streaming had been areas where Xbox was lagging behind Apple TV, but the real prizes here seem to be Xbox Music (so long, Zune!) and Nike+ Kinect.

There aren't many details available for either yet, unfortunately, but Xbox Music appears to slap a shiny new interface on some Zune-like features. And Nike+ Kinect training helps you earn all those fancy fuelband points while still comfortably in front a of a glowing screen.

We'll update with more details as they become available. What's clear for now, though, is that Microsoft's continuing its push to make Xbox the only set-top box you need. Which won't be a bad trick—especially since it's the only one that still charges a monthly fee. [Xbox]



I went in to a Windows store this weekend to play around with stuff. Whoever created that Samsung Series 7 Slate should be punched in the face. It's really cool that it has a full copy of Windows 7 and laptop like specs, but trying to use it like a tablet is impossible. 11.6", heavy, and 16:9 makes for the most awkward and unpleasant tablet experience ever. And if you going to always use it with the dock then there would be no way to justify the price tag.