The Yawhg Is Coming in Six Weeks, So Let's Listen to Its Song

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The Yawhg is one of the best choose-you-own-adventure games I've ever played, an experience made all the more sublime by its haunting music. Play The Yawhg, but more importantly, listen to its soundtrack.


The scenario goes like this: A great evil called the Yawhg is returning in six weeks. The townspeople are unaware, but you can prepare for it and, perhaps, you can even save them. So you—and up to three other players—spend your six weeks gaining skills by battling demon babies or kissing frogs. It's funny and dark and definitely less hokey than I just made it sound.

The game is 50 percent off Steam right now, so you can get it for a measly $5. You can also listen to the entire soundtrack by Ryan Roth on Bandcamp. The theme song, "(oceans)" is below for your listening pleasure. [Bandcamp]

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It's a beautiful song. Here's another great song I'm sure every gamer knows.