Video: First Place and People's Choice
Title: "Alya Red: A Computational Heart"
Credit: Guillermo Marin, Fernando Cucchietti, Mariano Vazquez, Carlos Tripiana; Barcelona
Supercomputing Center

The heart is a complex and fascinating organ (specially from a mechanical point of view), and simulating it realistically could have a large impact in medicine and science. The film is about our project, Alya Red, aimed at developing a computational cardiac model. The tone of the video is educational, although the renderings are of actual simulation results. We describe the basic electromechanical science of the heart, and the computational approach needed to simulate it. We focus on the complexity of the organ, and emphasize some key elements that only recently became amenable to simulation thanks to modern medical imaging tools and increasing computer power. The video also explains how parallel computing is used for our simulations, and touches on the hardware and software resources used by the project in the academic environment of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. The video ends with our vision of how this project fits in the general area of medical research.