There Are No Dangerous Metal Tips With This Unusual Magnetic Darts Game

There's no denying a round of darts can be tremendously challenging and fun, but it's definitely not a game for kids, and those pointy-tipped projectiles can really do a number on your walls if you've got terrible aim. Kooba promises a slightly safer experience, for children and walls, with darts that use magnets to stick, and a novel way of launching them at the target.


The magnetic darts, or Aeros as they're called in Kooba, have a hole in the center where you insert a couple of crossed sticks. To launch them at the target, players then quickly uncross those sticks which sends the projectiles soaring. It seems simple enough, but like with real darts mastering the technique with a good level of accuracy probably takes a lot of practice.

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To further differentiate Kooba from traditional darts, players aren't just trying to hit the bullseye on the board or a specific point value. The target is actually more like a board game, and gameplay involves a lot of strategy to not only advance your team's tokens, but to thwart the movement of your opponent's across the board. And any game that has you screwing over your friends to help you eventually win is definitely worth $70 in our books. [Kooba via The Awesomer]

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