There's a tumor in my brain but it's dead (the tumor, not the brain)

I made this GIF from the slices of a recent CT scan of my head. The small white dot in the green circle is a tumor near my pineal gland. Fortunately, it's calcified and requires no intervention—it stopped growing the same way it started*. I just thought it would be cool to share it here for two reasons:

One, because the cliché is true: to be alive and healthy is amazing. Shit can be falling everywhere around you, but the mere fact of being alive is reason enough to be happy. At least for me. This is a good reminder that you should really enjoy it while it lasts, because it ends really fast when things are normal—and can end very suddenly when things go wrong.

Two, because I love to have a GIF of my brain. I keep it around to remind me that I'm a lucky bastard and I shouldn't waste my time.

* Neurologist said that it will not grow each of the five hundred and twenty seven times I asked about it after he said to me "Well, you have a little marble in your brain [pause] but don't worry, it's calcified."


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Gah! Well I'm glad your brain tumor isn't going to do anything but sit there and not grow. My dad died from an astrocytoma that grew very quickly, and he wasn't much older than we are today, so these stories make me nervous, Jesus.

Very happy to hear it's not going to kill you!