There's Finally an NES Controller For Left-Handed Gamers

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We’ve all seen the classic NES controller thousands of times, but look closely at this one, notice something slightly different? On the Goofy Foot NES controller, the directional pad and the A+B buttons are reversed, so southpaw gamers can finally feel comfortable playing their favorite classic games.

Named after the skateboarding stance where the rider’s right foot is leading, the Goofy Foot controller works and feels exactly like the original NES’ stock controllers did. But with the buttons reversed, it should help level the playing field for left-handed gamers who’ve always felt they were at a disadvantage when playing.

Available through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, the Goofy Foot controller can be yours with a pledge of $46, with delivery expected sometime in May of next year. As with any crowdfunded product, its on-time delivery is dependent on everything going smoothly as the controller moves into production, and that Nintendo’s lawyers don’t decide to shut this down.


[Kickstarter - Goofy Foot via Tiny Cartridge]

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Jerry Callo, Esq., Trump U. School of Law '89

I don’t understand why the standard design would favor right handers. For me, the more important aspect was the control pad, which requires more precision of movement, and that uses the left hand already.