Your dream of cruising around your local galaxy with your feisty astromech droid by your side simply isn't going to happen in your lifetime. It will be years before robots can even pick up a wrench and remove a bolt by themselves. But ThinkGeek's got the next best thing. It won't fix your warp drive, but perched in your cup holder this tiny version of R2-D2 will keep your phones and tablets charged.


This $50 must-have accessory for any self-respecting vehicle-owning Star Wars fan includes LED lights that indicate charging status, sound effects, and a spinning dome. A pair of 2.1 amp USB ports means this little droid can top off two tablets at the same time, and don't worry if your car has Big Gulp-sized cupholders; Artoo's arms extend and retract so he sits securely inside no matter the size. Say hello to your new co-pilot. [ThinkGeek]