There's Now an Easy Way To 3D-Print Your Own Hand-Drawn Cookie Cutters

Is there anything more uninspired and unappetizing than a boring round cookie? Outside of known carcinogens, probably not. So if you're looking for a way to spice up a glass of milk's best friend, MakerBot has just released a custom software tool called the Cookie Cutter Customizer that allows you to turn freehand sketches into plastic cookie cutters.

As you can see from the gremlin mold that MakerBot created as a demonstration, you don't need a drop of artistic talent. You do, however, need a computer to run the software and access to a 3D printer to run-off your creations. So while it's free to download, you're still looking at a small investment to make the dream of custom-shaped cookies a reality. What, you thought competing with those Keebler elves would be easy? [Makerbot via BoingBoing]


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