These Are the Worst People to Ever Use Instagram (Updated)

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It takes a lot to find something new on the Internet that makes you hate our entire species, and yet, this: dozens of brats who use Instagram as nothing but a way of showing off money they didn't earn. Vomit.

A lot of vomit. And not the same kind of vomit you might see spill from these children soon after these Instagrams are snapped, laced with underage champagne and diamonds and private jet seat belts on their way to the Hamptons. It's incredible how much this website will cause you to seethe while presenting such little variety: you have your basic pool scene, the tarmac pose, Idiot Guy With Bottle(s), Idiot Guy(s) in Boat, and Girl Holding Expensive Thing—but it's faux vintage filtered, which makes it classy, right?

If you need motivation to go outside and do some good in the world today, I heartily encourage you to read this site for a page or two—but be careful!—any more than that, and you'll go outside and start building a guillotine. [Rich Kids of Instagram, Thanks Emma!]


Update: I just received word that I attended middle school with Michael Avedon, one of these specimens of American smartphone decadence, who I reached out to for comment. His reply, below:

first off that photograph of me was at a fashion shoot as I am a photographer and generally instagram where my work takes me..that makes me one of the worst people to use instagram mr. biddle
why do you assume that I am wealthy because I put photographs up of art that is not mine and clouds?
please take me off your tumblr


Unfortunately it is not our Tumblr. But we can be pretty sure the young man is wealthy, as he's the grandson of legendary American photographer Richard Avedon, who I'm sure would be very proud of the scion's groundbreaking work with floor steamers and large scarves.