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These DIY Office Supply Weapons Definitely Won't Get You Fired, Nope

You graduated from middle school and found your way to a desk job, but that doesn't mean you have to leave rubber-band-powered projectile launchers behind. YouTube's mist8k is here to show us how to build three weapons of mass distraction, using stuff you've already got at your desk. Now (goofing off at) work can be fun!

For what it's worth, mist8k definitely seems like the kind of guy who'd make for an awesome coworker. You could build an arsenal of pen crossbows, paper wad launchers, and actually-dangerous-looking pen cannons, and totally ambush the accounts payable department.


And when the boss discovers the supply closet's been raided and there's a snowfall of broken rubber bands around your desks, you'll both be fired, and no number of catapult attacks will change that. Oh well—more time for hijinks! [YouTube]

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Organized Chaos

We had these desks in grade school...

At one point we had a rash of thefts, kids stealing stuff out of desks when we'd switch classes. So me and a friend of mine started our own little "business." For a quarter, we'd supply a rubber band and install our security device to someone's desk. There were 2 bars inside that swung upright to set the desk to a level position. We'd stretch the rubber band between the bars when they were laid down and use a pencil as an "arrow." Draw it back in crossbow fashion and use the weight of the desk lid to hold the pencil in place. If anyone lifted the lid, they'd get a pencil to the gut. No, they weren't sharpened, but as a kid, it scared the hell out of you and with a tight rubber band, stung a little. Downside was, sometimes they'd go off by accident. Eventually our teachers found out and we had to quit. Kids.