These Hollywood Stars See Nothing Wrong with MegaUpload

In the largest outpouring of celebrity magnanimity since Live AID, a bevy of A-Listers have come out in support of MegaUpload. Huh, apparently the file-sharing service is used for something other than providing me easy access to anime and porn.


MegaUpload has been under fire recently from the likes of the MPAA and the RIAA, who accuse the site of facilitating piracy. They've even gone so far as to dredge up Kim Dotcom's—the founder of MU—previous conviction of "computer hacking" and blasting the company's use of overseas servers.

However, the site does have many legitimate uses for content creators. Folks like P Diddy,, Alicia Keys, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Kanye West, Lil John, Mary J. Blidge, Jamie Foxx, and even Kim Kardashian—who was made famous by her "home video" that was shared extensively on MU—have spoken/sung in favor of the site in this mildly surreal video. [Geekosystem]


Want to stop piracy? It is dead easy! Overnight!

Just sell any CD, DVD or Blu-ray downloaded via P2P from the authors for one dollar.

And since they are not selling any physical thing which needs to be manufactured, stored, distributed and retailed, it is all profit for them.

Because they are selling something that does not exist. Because they can replicate what they sell at virtually zero cost to the infinite.

That easy! That is the fair price. Not the 10-50 dollars they are now asking for!!!

And copyright should be void no longer than 20 years, at most, after publication, like patents (not never, like now). And do not forget that the audio and video industry have been selling, re-selling and re-reselling the same to the same people for years (remember the VHS - DVD - Blu-ray - iTunes; cassette - CD - iTunes). That is an abuse. Now, time to compensate or else Internet is here for that!