These Huggable Dragons Grow Tea Leaves on Their Backs

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Artist Strangely Katie blends creatures and cuisine with her latest series of original characters: the Tea Dragons. Each dragon grows a different blend of tea leaves on its body, making them the perfect companions for cafe owners—assuming they can appropriately pamper them.

We’ve highlighted Strangely Katie’s work in the past. She’s the creator of the delightful short webcomic Princess Princess, and you can see more of her comics on her portfolio site. Here’s what she writes about the Tea Dragons on her Tumblr:

tea dragons are quite rare btw, due to their depressing inability to fend for themselves. like show animals, they have been bred to the point that they rely completely on humans to survive. seen as luxury pets, the number of humans willing to spend the time and effort to keep a spoiled, demanding and somewhat fragile creature alive in order to make a good cup of tea has dwindled…..


She also says that she’s playing with a story idea for the Tea Dragons, which we’re greatly looking forward to seeing. You can see more Tea Dragons and images from their world on Tumblr, purchase products (including Princess Princess and Tea Dragon products) from Strangely Katie’s store, and keep up with her latest announcements on Twitter. But where can we acquire a Tea Dragon pet of our very own?


Tea Dragon artwork is featured with Strangely Katie’s permission and was spotted on ComicsAlliance.