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These Incredibly Realistic Human Face Computer Graphics Will Obviously Be Used for Porn

We've seen how impressive Nvidia's new Titan GPU can be, but this is kind of nuts. Face rendering that is pretty darn close to bridging the uncanny valley. It's remarkable. And also? This is obviously going to be used for porn.

Everything is used for porn. And this, especially, should be put right to use. Nvidia imagines a world where every important person is scanned into this program, like Abe Lincoln. Which, sure, let's scan the boring old guy from whatever daguerreotypes remain of his head. OR, we could scan, like, Will Smith for Men in Black 8, or every porn star on the planet and plug a Titan into an Oculus Rift. Also also, this will clearly lead to hugely offensive political parodies for blogs to be horrified at. Everyone wins! [Metafilter]

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I'm intrigued by the legal ramifications. Does an actor retain control over how his/her likeness is used in this case? Or can a studio contract to scan an actor's face and re-use it as often as they like, with or without that actor's further consent?