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These Industries Are Actually On The Rise For 2013

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Economic news has felt bleak for years now. And every time things seem to pick up there's something like Detroit's bankruptcy looming as a reminder that times are still tough. But we know that there is some recovery going on and this infographic shows the sectors that have momentum.

Made by MyCorporation and using data from Ibis World, the graphic shows that industries like 3-D printing and pharmacy are on the rise. Most of it isn't that surprising, but it's helpful to see the areas in which tech is dominating (aka almost everywhere). It's also probably good to take the graphic with a grain of salt, because it's based on only one data set. For example, online and for-profit education is on there even though other reports are showing that enrollment in college is down across the board. At least we can rest assured that there won't be a drop off in self-tanning. Phew! [Venture Beat]