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These Industries Are Actually On The Rise For 2013

Illustration for article titled These Industries Are Actually On The Rise For 2013

Economic news has felt bleak for years now. And every time things seem to pick up there's something like Detroit's bankruptcy looming as a reminder that times are still tough. But we know that there is some recovery going on and this infographic shows the sectors that have momentum.


Made by MyCorporation and using data from Ibis World, the graphic shows that industries like 3-D printing and pharmacy are on the rise. Most of it isn't that surprising, but it's helpful to see the areas in which tech is dominating (aka almost everywhere). It's also probably good to take the graphic with a grain of salt, because it's based on only one data set. For example, online and for-profit education is on there even though other reports are showing that enrollment in college is down across the board. At least we can rest assured that there won't be a drop off in self-tanning. Phew! [Venture Beat]

Illustration for article titled These Industries Are Actually On The Rise For 2013

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Did not agree just bc i clicked

There is much to be done in order to make America the country it once was. Small business must be promoted instead of big business, for one. And workers unions along with a working livable wage must be promoted. Health Care, vacations, sick pay, seniority all must be in place in order for employees to have any good reason to work. At this point people who work at the Walmarts of the country are usually better off sucking up taxpayer money by collecting welfare. Along with the welfare they subsidize their lives with a free section 8 apartment and free food stamps. Between all that they wind up with more than walmart would pay them.

The entire system is broken. We need to promote all the things that make a person want to keep a job. Security, all the stuff I mentioned above and also in work programs to make life better for the employees. Not everyone gets to sit in an air conditioned office all day. Some people have physically exhausting jobs. Those people need longer breaks, Free or reduced gym memberships, if only for a place to go to get in a swim or a sauna, and in work programs like yoga and occasional lunches set up to make their day a little better.

On the other side of that we need to use welfare for what it's meant for: people to can't work. The entire welfare system is a mess. With the exception of marijuana, all welfare/food stamp/section 8 recipients should be refused benefits if they test positive for drugs, and offered an opportunity to get treatment the first time, banned for life the second. Also there needs to be 24/7 monitoring of all section 8 subsidized housing to ensure that only the authorized recipients receive the benefit to which they are entitled. This can be done by installing cameras which monitor all entrances/exits of an apartment and offering a warning the first time then discontinuation of benefits if it continues. I lived in many poor areas of NYC when I was a comedian and a union employee for 15 years in NYC as I saved every extra nickel to buy a home. I've seen it more common than not. A person gets a free section 8 apartment then has a partner/common law husband/wife or even a gaggle of more distant family members move in - you wouldn't believe how many people some families will fit into a 1 bedroom apartment. Then the unauthorized tenants work and give the authorized tenant income which would invalidate their ability to collect any of the taxpayer funded benefits for which they are authorized. Often the unauthorized tenant is a common law partner of the recipient. They may have children together, and usually do. The "husband" may be an ex con or parolee who is out bringing in the bucks by offering felonious services. So they wind up living as rich a life as people who make 100k annually all on the taxpayers dime. It's actually the common practice, certainly much more prevalent than what is intended by the government.

While on the subject of ex cons, we also need to stop putting people away for such things as selling a little weed or a little of anything for that matter. What peoploe choose to put into their systems should fall under "pursuit of happiness". We should be locking up violent criminals who are a true danger to society, not someone who is trying to make a few bucks selling anything another person wants to accentuate their evening with. Although i do believe that no kids should ever be sold anything harmful.

I spent many years as a union employee for a major health insurance company, turning down promotions offering me "management", whcih basically means non union. Those promotions would have paid me significantly more in the short term plus fat bunuses annually, but they also would have caused me to lose many of the benefits I enjoy as a retired employee: health care for life, a pension and a significant payout when I retired. One of the promotions I turned down would have put me in the senior executives section of the company, meaning I'd have likely earned 6 figures. But once i retired I'd have had nothing. And I also would have lost my seniority and job security. so if in a year or two the company decided to put cost cutting measures in place, i'd have been fired in order to hire another executive at lower salary, probably fresh out of school and hungry for any position they could get. Indeed when I left they had already started cost cutting measures and those who did switch over to management were paid a severance and fired, then hired back at a much lower salary with much lower benefits. Now they offer 3 weeks total bank for sick/vacation/holiday and personal time. When i worked there we had 18 sick days alone, plus 14 holidays, 3 personal days and vacation based on years. I was up to 6 weeks vacation, which was almost the max. After that you only get one day extra per year till you rreach 8 weeks then you were capped. Also despite being a benefit provided by the company we work for, they now charge for health insurance. So the employees there are now getting crap for benefits. I was luckyy to retire at the right time. Had a waited another 2 years I'd have had nothing but a severance probably close to 25 percent of what I received when I retired.

And that's the way all big business is moving. But small businesses offer people the opportunity to work for themselves, to make a salary based on performance and build their company into something great. We could have thousands of small businesses and free energy everywhere if the government offered real subsidies for solar and wind energy and trained unemployed people to install and maintain the panels while also running factories to make the panels. They could make it federal law that energy utilities buy excess energy at decent rates, then provide each homeowner with double the panels they need to run their home. The extra energy produced, bought back by utilities could be shared between the installer/maintainer's small business, part going to pay for the panels, and the rest to the homeowner to defray their mortgages. That would be something which would cost less than welfar and would give people a reason to work toward buying a home as well as reduce our need for and dependance upon big oil. It would havve the added benefit of making our energy grid effectively every home in America so that it could not be taken down by any real means.