These Mechanical Flipbooks Are Like GIFs You Can Put On Your Wall

The animated GIF is a medium born of the digital age. But this artist's mechanized flipbook project is a combination of frame-by-frame animation and kinetic sculpture—an infinite loop for a simpler time.


Brooklyn based artist Juan Fontanive's creations are part film, part sculpture. Each frame is hand-painted and housed inside a mechanism built from found parts of clocks and pushbikes. The endlessly looping tableaus are like real-world GIFs that you can mount to a wall.

You can purchase one of Fontanive's one-of-a-kind works from the New Museum for a cool $7,000. Art! At least the subject matter is a bit more refined than your run-of-the-mill GIF of Miley Cyrus twerking. [Vimeo via This Is Colossal]



I would be a little annoyed by the constant "flappa flappa flappa" sound that would inevitably coming from this thing.