I've never wanted anything more in my life than these Nike Free Inneva Wovens. Okay, that's probably a lie. I'm pretty sure I want to wake up tomorrow morning more than own a pair of shoes. And I'm probably more thankful that I get to eat tonight. But pure stuff-wise? I'm looking at my new iPhone 5 and I don't have that same primal, tunnel desire of "I want you now now now" than I do with these Nikes.

It's just a pair of shoes. Yes. I get that all the time when I go bananas and gaga and ha-ha-happy over footwear. WHATEVER. And I understand. Sort of. But then I take another look at the black on black hand-woven upper and I shed happy tears. It's beautiful, like a time-worn basketweave that's more considered and thoughtful than just slapping on synthetic materials on a sole. It'll be snug like a Chinese Finger Trap for your little piggies. And placing that upper on a Nike Free sole that's perfectly speckled? Have my babies. Or maybe I'll name my baby Inneva.

The Inneva Wovens are supposed to go on sale at Nike Sportswear stores tomorrow, September 22nd. It's the best thing launching this weekend. Just bear with me as I gawk at these shoes one more time:


[Nike via High Snobiety]