These Nipples Got the New Yorker Banned from Facebook

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When Justin Timberlake ripped off part of Janet Jackson's top at the end of the halftime show at Super Bowl XXXVIII, thus exposing her nipple, old ladies fainted, and the FCC smote CBS for its moral failure. But there's a new Nipplegate in town, and this time the transgressor is the smut rag known as the New Yorker, whose Facebook page was briefly banned when a cartoon showed a teeny tiny profane pair of uncensored nipples.


In this case the nipples were actually just black dots. And those little pencil marks violated Facebook's "nudity and sex" community standards. Four nipples were actually pictured in the offending cartoon, but only two of the nipples in question made Facebook blush, because according to its policies, it does not allow "naked 'private parts (haha, private parts) including female nipple bulges and naked butt cracks [but] male nipples are ok." In a blog post, the New Yorker pointed out the important distinction:

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You're waiting for the part where we tell you just kidding, and that The New Yorker actually posted a cartoon taken from a frame of a film entitled "Backdoor Sluts IX." But we're not, which makes it totally ridiculous. Is there an intern that thinks very literally who was responsible for this over at Facebook? Because even a nipple-detection algorithm would have ignored this. The page has been restored, but not before we got to point and laugh at Zuck & Company for being such prudes.

Listen Facebook, if that's how you're going to roll, we have a few more nips we'd like you to address. [The New Yorker]


I'm a proud American born man. I also come from a long line of proud Cubans. I grew up being told sex, nudity, and the human body in general, was not only natural but good and beautiful in all shapes, colors and sizes. Violence however was rarely allowed in our community. We didn't have a lot of toy guns or anything like. Now as a grown man I can't help but laugh at this kind of thing. We, as a nation, freak out when a little too much skin is shown but we have no problem showing grotesque gore and violence on the prime time news.

AMERICA, turn on Univision for a little while. Enjoy the site of good looking, half naked men and women enjoying the gifts god gave them. Then turn your news back on. Let me know which one makes you smile. By the way, that little tingle in your stomach when you see a beautiful nude person is natural. The cringe and nausea you feel when you see someone's head blown open is not.

Even more strange is the game industry. It's ok to create a game where you can stab people in the eye and watch the blood splat in slow motion HD but throwing in a little off-camera sex (Mass Effect) makes the evening news. I have a two year old boy which will eventually go through puberty. I'd rather help him deal with the barrel in his pants than one attached to a trigger. One, if used wisely, makes life, the other destroys life no matter how you use it. Which one sounds more natural?