If you positively insist on putting a skin on your iPad, might I recommend cloaking them in old VHS tapes? And if you like the underlying concept of Hollis Brown Thornton's VHS Heroes, you're going to lurve the detail.

I'm starting to suspect Thornton raided my family's living room circa 1988 for inspiration: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, The Muppets Take Manhattan, even Flash Gordon. They're all represented here perfectly in meticulous scrawl.


And the skins aren't just for the iPad; you can get them for your MacBook, iPhone, BlackBerry, skateboard (!), or by itself as an art print here. They run $15 for the phones, $20 for iPad and laptop, and up to $60 if you want to shred on VHS. It's cheaper than a that time machine would cost. [Infectious via Buzzfeed]

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