These Plantable Pencils Grow Fresh Herbs From Your Failed Lit Ambitions

There are times—dark, frustrating times—when you put pencil to paper and nothing's there. No inspiration. No life. So you scribble and scratch and sharpen until all that's left is a bitty wooden nub reminding you of the barren wasteland that is your brain. You could toss that useless end bit in the trash. Or! If you're using Sprout, you could stick it in soil and watch it slowly grow into a darling little plant.


These awesome pencils are packed with a little stash of seeds. You can choose between ten different varieties—everything from mint to sage, rosemary, and thyme—and with a simple set of instructions for sowing and composting, you'll be picking tasty herbs in no time.

Not interested in mixing lead with your fresh greens?* The writing part of these babies are made with a non-toxic combo of graphite and clay (they even mention you could nibble on the seed-end of the stick—no harm, no foul—although you probably want to keep the non-planted pencil out of your mouth…).

They company is based in Denmark but the goods are handmade in Minnesota, and they're not exactly inexpensive (about $28 for an eight-pack). But I'll be damed if they wouldn't make the perfect gift for the green-thumbed aspiring scribe in your life. [Sprout]


*UPDATE: Normal pencils don't contain actual lead either.

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