These Projectors Reveal The Creepy Gargoyle Face Hiding in Every Tree

On a dark night, there can be something malevolent and looming about the trees. They rustle suspiciously behind you. It's like they're hiding some invisible monster. Turns out they are, or it least it looks that way when you shine a projector at them.

These creepy tree-faces are the result of an art project by Clément Briend called "Journées du Patrimoine, Domaine de Daint-Cloud." The effect was achieved using photo-quality, large format projectors with slightly modified optics. The result is erethral floating tree-faces, that capitalize on the texture of the tress to appear three dimensional and just all around creepy. Who said flat white surfaces were ideal for projectors?


It's certainly a cool effect, and must have been even cooler in person, but I certainly wouldn't want one of those illuminated faces staring through my bedroom window at night. [Designboom via Laughing Squid]

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