The interaction of unexpected materials can really mess with your senses, whether through color or texture—or both. That's definitely the case with photographer Kim Keever's colorific photos of billowing pigment plumes.

At first glance it may seem like you are gazing at some kind of candy-land nuclear blast, or volcanos erupting on an alien planet. Actually, the magic consists of various colored pigments being dropped into a huge tank of water. The resulting fluid dynamics are pretty unbelievable.

Here is a shot of Keever at work, standing above the 200 gallon tank he uses for the shots.

A former engineer, Keever's previous work with miniature landscape models has been featured on Gizmodo before. If you want to see his stuff in person, he is having a solo show at Waterhouse & Dodd Gallery in New York City on April 2. [Fubiz]